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Do you know that in Pet Republic, the healthy development of your Pet is the most important thing? We take care of it at every stage of creating our products. Thanks to this, all our feeds are not only delicious, but above all valuable - full of the most important nutrients and vitamins adjusted to the age, activity and weight of your pet.

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For the dog

Salmon, chunks in a delicate sauce, 400g.

Chunks of salmon for dogs of all breeds, served in a delicate sauce as an invitation to a delicious meal. 90% of meat and animal products in a piece!

NO ADDED GRAINS AND SUGAR, with the addition of vitamins and minerals.

With vitamin A: for the proper functioning of the eyesight
With vitamin D3: for strong joints and bones
With vitamin E: for a healthy heart, digestive system and strong muscles
With vitamin B2: for the proper functioning of the immune system
With vitamin B12: for the proper functioning of the digestive system
With biotin: supports the structure of skin, hair, claws and the work of the thyroid gland
With iron: for the prevention of anemia
With manganese: for proper bone development, blood pressure, and the function of the nervous and muscular systems
With iodine: for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland
With zinc: supports the health of the skin and coat

Salmon is a source of wholesome protein with high digestibility, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins: A, D, E and B group. Fish meat contains a lot of minerals, such as: iodine, selenium, fluorine, magnesium, calcium, zinc, copper, manganese. Most of all, it provides omega-3 fatty acids.